Breaking Ground!


So this is it. I’m finally getting this blog started! I created Dogged FI earlier this year but got busy with work and procrastinated in starting it all up. I wanted to get a badass logo created and a professional website theme set up before starting to post content but I’m tired of waiting on everything to be 100% perfect. Its go time.

I’m really excited about this project and I hope I can create some value for you guys/gals. My main goals are to discuss and provide solid information on positive personal financial habits, side hustles, and wealth management strategies that can help us all achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE).

I’m only 29 years old but I’m already realizing that I’m not meant for the corporate rat race. Almost every single day during my ~45 minute commute to work, I either listen to business/finance podcasts or just ponder ways in which I can create some type of legitimate business and work for myself.

Over the past 1-2 years, I’ve been scouring the internet looking for information on how best to save money, invest for the future and tips on how to start businesses. I’ve tried my best to optimize my own personal finances as well as starting several side hustles, including:

  • Penny stock trading
  • Stock options trading
  • E-Commerce websites
  • E-How articles
  • Zazzle product creation
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Car wrap advertising
  • Amazon FBA products
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Online paid surveys

    I’ve had moderate success with most of the hustles listed above but I’ve also realized over the years that short term gains don’t always necessarily equal long term success. There really is no substitute for habitual, consistent, foundational personal finance principles and starting quality businesses that provide value.

    What are some profitable side hustles you are involved in?

    What is one key positive financial habit that has benefitted your personal finances the most?

    Leave a comment below!

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