Steadily Chopping That 2nd Mortgage Tree Down!


We’ve continued paying down according to the plan I devised in the fall of 2016. See the recent screenshots below: 4/25 and as of today, 5/2!


As of 4/25


As of 5/2



I wish I could tell you all that I pulled a Heisenberg, cooked up some crystal and illegally obtained a mountain of cash to pay down this debt but its way less exciting than that.


Simply committing to paying off your debt as quickly as possible while not totally killing yourself in the process – that’s it. Having a really detailed budget helps you to see where every dollar is going and you can then squeeze out additional debt payments from your monthly cash flows. Seeing the huge chunks taken out of the remaining balance every 2 weeks and at the beginning of every month keeps me laser focused on this goal – mid-June here we come!!



Any big debts you guys are currently working on and ETA to completion?

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