Latest Entrepreneur Experiment: The 2017 ForeverJobless Incubator!


Next week marks the beginning of the 2017 Incubator that Billy Murphy is hosting and I cannot freaking wait.


What is the Incubator, you ask? It is basically a 10 week entrepreneurial bootcamp that is designed to (ideally) have you up and running with a solid business by the end. It was application only and I got accepted which is humbling and exciting!



We took a slight hit to net worth as the cost of the program is $4,997, but I really feel like it will be worth the money. Worst case, I’m out a few grand and I walk away with a better mindset for starting a business and some great entrepreneurial contacts… best case? Unlimited upside. I’m stoked to go through the program with Billy and then post a review of my experience once the Incubator is over.


As Billy loves to say, you should never be afraid to bet on yourself. Even if it doesn’t work out and you “fail”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you made the wrong bet. You are learning important lessons, skill-sets, and networking as you go that will likely lead you closer and closer to success.



If interested, you can check out more about Billy and ForeverJobless here.



What are some bets you’ve been willing to place on yourself?

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