May 2017 Budget, Righting the Ship


Definitely getting back to calmer territory this month. We had some large, irregular expenses such as multiple pet treatments as well as a tax balance that was owed for 2016 which drained my budget a bit. I was able to cut back some on eating out and reallocating some funds in order to cover the shortfall. I’ll be working on building back up certain cash categories going forward.



You might notice that there aren’t regular monthly bills noted in my budget, such as mortgage payments, electric bills, gas bills, etc. We have those expenses auto-drafted from a joint checking account that is basically on “auto-pilot”. I will do a post outlining our specific monthly expenses soon. Currently, we (my wife and I) each pay $710 per biweekly paycheck into the joint checking account and this covers all regular bills for the year with a few hundred extra to spare.


Do you and your significant other have separate or joint finances/accounts?

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